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Fixing cabinet chips

Coal River Vending

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Replacing the panel would be best, obviously.

Instead of that, if it's not on location you could fill it in with car bondo, sand it smooth then paint it. That's the strongest option.

Otherwise, just paint it if it's at the bottom, I doubt most will notice

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I forgot to add this...

Be careful with wood putties, some of them don't truly dry solid and many of them that do are very brittle and don't bond well to particle board.

The cabinet shop I used to work in would use Bondo quite a bit to fill in area's, It bonded to the PB quite well and cured fast.

No matter what filler you use when you are moving the machine again if that area catches it will probably tear out.  Find some kind of foot for the cabinet, even something as simple as angled plastic to attach to the bottom, it will provide some support.


Use it as like a runner on the bottom

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