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Usi coffee machine?


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So im getting a steal on 5 usi machines.

1 bc12

1 bc10

1 4wide 

1 coffee

1 frozen food


All of them are the newer model with black diamond trims, for $4000 for all 5! My question is how do you use the cofee machine and where do you buy the coffee? Whats a good price point and is it profitable?


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You'll probably come to hate that coffee machine very quickly.  They are made of parts from Italy and the parts are expensive to get from USI.  Not to mention that the machines do break down and USI can't always tell you how to fix them without throwing parts at them.  A common failure is that the temp sensor caused overheating of the water tank which boils over.  Sometimes the valves pop out of the front of the tank and flood the machine.

Since you don't do coffee now you should flip that one and not look back.

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Not a fan of USI other then their brand new snack machines. Also that monster soda machine next to the coffe machine is no fun.  It weighs 1, 000 + pounds and the door tends to sag down from the weight. Making it tough to close. If you're going to go for this deal $5, 000 is way too much. I'd be around $2, 500 max. Good luck 

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The new prices are alot!

Ice cream $6500

Cofee $6500

Snack $3000

Bc12 $3000

Bc10 $3000


Over 20k for just $4000. I picked em up today, really o wouldve paid 4k just for the frozen. I guess ill flip that coffee machine.

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