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Which pallet jack to buy


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This is the newer version of the one I have:


The old one only had a 1000 lb rating - but it only weighs 75 lbs so tossing it in/out of the truck is no big deal.

This one weighs more but has higher load capacity - still a short/narrow jack.

I put adhesive velcro strips on the forks and have cut pieces of pressure treated 2 x 4's that I can add or remove depending on height the equipment I am moving.




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I've been using that Strongway mini pallet jack for about a year, before I was using a combination of crate movers, dollies, handtrucks with the kick out wheels etc....

Not any more - the pallet jack is far and away the best piece of equipment for moving these machines - even when clam shelling machines through door ways, preference is to use the jack over the crate movers.

The narrow shorty jacks are nice to use inside the box trucks when moving machines - easy to spin the machines inside the truck to maneuver (much easier than a standard 48" jack)

I was initially concerned about the smaller 5" wheels vs the 6" on the full size jacks - but after pulling a big Dixie Narco beverage machine down one of those busted up alleys in downtown Seattle, am convinced that is a non issue, have not had any problems and that sucker has been abused.




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