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Crate mover from northern tool


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30 minutes ago, cvending said:

not sure about this item.  It appears to me that the top handles would be in the way.  Maybe they are movable, but I don't see how in the photo.

It looks like the foot sticks out to line up with the "handle" on top, but I don't think those are handles.. I think those are there purposely to put pressure against whatever it's moving.

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I have a set of these - one of the first pieces of moving equipment I bought for vending machines.


Yep, you can clam shell machines through doorways - the crank handles can be fumbly but usually can rotate them out of the way.

Allows for easier solo handling of machines - especially lifting super low machines up onto pallets and/or pallet jacks 

Larger wheels than piano dollies like these:  https://www.newhaven-usa.com/product/11/NHP6B/PIANO-CARRY-DOLLY-w4-7-STRAPS?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI2vuV39SC2QIVDHp-Ch1huABDEAQYBSABEgIVQfD_BwE 

Makes it easier to maneuver over rough surfaces.

(I also have a set of those piano dollies and those are pretty good for certain machines - usually low beverage machines)

They work equally well with Snack and Beverage machines - they can accommodate taller legs.


Clunky and awkward to store and haul around

That straps the come with them are garbage and potentially dangerous - have had them fail - replace with better/heavier straps.

Toe plate is a little flexy with a heavy machine - not a problem a couple inches off the ground, but if you are lifting higher to get on/off a 6 or 7 inch pallet, kind of a white knuckle endeavor.

No brakes - careful on inclines

Summary:  They are ok for solo handling on smooth flat surfaces and navigating door ways - but I find that I hardly ever want to mess with them these days in favor of a narrow shorty pallet jack.



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