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USI cooler problems


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You have to pull the whole unit out the back of the machine and get it rebuilt.  They aren't fun to get out.  You first have to remove all the screws holding the evap shroud to the top of the evap, disconnect the evap fan harness and free up the thermostat cap tube.  Then go to the back and remove the 6 million screws holding the back plate to the cabinet (only around the edge of the back plate) and remove any permagum sealing the harnesses. One key is to loosen two screws on each side of the evap that hold it to the back plate but only loosen them a turn or two so the evaporator doesn't come loose inside the cabinet.  This allows enough flexibility in the evap so the unit will slide out.  Otherwise the evap gets stuck.  You'll still probably struggle to get the base out as it come out over the levelers depending on how much of the levelers is still up in the cabinet. 

Have a vending refrig tech check the unit out.  If it's what we call a burnout then be ready to just buy a new condensing unit for a grand or more.  It's probably not a burnout though and just needs a compressor and rebuild.

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