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Coin Getting Stuck - What Do?


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Morning all,


Currently experiencing an issue with our Currenza C2 Coin system.

Starting yesterday, coins are getting stuck in an interesting spot, as shown in the pictures.

Looking at all the vending geniuses with the ideas! What do I do to fix this?
Kinda new to vending machines, dont have the know how :(



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We found a third coin jammed quite further down. Now comes the mystery of working out, just how the damn coins are managing to get in there

Sorry about the photo being just of the issue, damn iPhone picture sizes were too great to upload.

I've just uploaded some more photos of the unit itself

The Unit



The Location of the issue within the unit



How the mech sits when coins are enteredStory3.thumb.jpg.6007166f2dd0b6a6dab07b3fbe1e30c5.jpg



Now the mystery is, somehow coins are getting wedged behind it, causing all further coins to build up.Story4.thumb.jpg.ee565a53b0addeef6303bac0401bc967.jpg

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Haha, Yeah I'm over it.

We found out what the issue was; There were 3x 50c coins jammed side by side in a excess shoot at the back of the mech.
When the machine thinks it has enough coins in the change holder, the gate (In which the coins were stuck) opens up and runs off all further coins into an excess bin.

We ended up pulling the mech out of the machine, taking it apart, clearing the shoot and TADA! It works again.

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