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Renting out a coin changer


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Am I making money there?

What changer?

For instance, if I had an old Rowe BC 35, with a Mars kit in it, just sitting around, I'd do something like this:

Cost of machine- 300, conservatively it will last me 5 more years

2 Bill validators over 5 years- 300

2 service calls a year, 120 each.

Add it up, 1200 over 5 years, so costs you 20/ month.

Double that, and you get 40 a month, should get you a decent profit.

And it is still cost competitive versus them buying a new changer.

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My number was $45 a month but I wasn't sure that they would go for that vs buying a new changer. Are yall really only getting 2 years out of a validator? Mine have been going for 2 now I wonder if I should expect to replace them soon.

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