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Hello, my name is Jonathan and I am super new to bulk candy vending. I just purchased 4 used single head machines (2 Northwestern Super60s & 2 barely used Entervending Standard SQ?) and 2 used Northwestern Triple Plays middle of last month (Jan.). I was fortunate enough to have placed the two EVs and 1 Triple play in these last 3 weeks. I am super excited as well as a little fearful but I have set a goal to have 25 Triple vend machines placed in high traffic accounts by the end of this 2018 year!


I am looking forward to meeting everyone and getting the best vending info on the planet as I was pointed to this site fir exactly that reason. Apparently this is the place to come for top notch advice and knowledge. So yea looking forward to many years of worthy vending discussion!!

Couple my babies...






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