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ADX Vending

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You have to mount the validator in the storage cabinet below by cutting out a mounting hole for it in the face and adding a long harness to connect it to the board of the machine.  I would also recommend a mars bill validator so bills can be inserted in any direction, since you'll probably mount it upside down to get it as close to the vending cabinet as possible. 

It was many years ago that I did this, but I think you can buy the parts at D&S Vending.  I am not one to recommend D&S Vending as I always feel I've been robbed by highway bandits, but in this case you've got to do what you've got to do.  You should also be aware that after you've been robbed by purchasing the harness, D&S Vending has such excessive shipping charges you might as well buy a machine that has a bill validator in it.

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