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Current Top Prizes???

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So I run Keymasters/Balloon Busters and am always looking for new prize ideas.  Currently my list is:

1.)  Nintendo Switch (top item by a long ways but is starting to slow down)
2.)  Ipad (been great for years and still going strong)
3.)  Beats by Dre headphones (still doing ok, but has been slowing down)
4.)  Apple watches (huge disappointment, but sort of moves)

Would love to know what your guys' top items are.  I run other things (nintendo 3ds, random video games, gift cards, fit bit, etc.) but nothing else is even close to the top 3.  Any recommendations?

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Basically Ipads, galaxy tablets are always a good bet. I also run Beats(the smaller wireless power beats ones) and they do just as well. 

If you want a little bit cheaper prizes, I also put in bluetooth speakers and people seem to go for those just as much.

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