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Established ATM Machine Business currently expanding existing field portfolio. We buy ATM Locations focusing currently on South Florida ATM Machine Locations & working with both owner operators and ATM Locators. Free ATM Placement for new and existing ATM locations focusing primarily on Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade Counties.

A list of locations we are always interested in are:

1. Hotels

2. gas stations; custom outdoor enclosures available with enough traffic 

3. Shopping Malls

4. Large office buildings without a bank as an anchor tenant.

5. Busy convenience stores

6. Any location with high density foot traffic 

7. Any ATM location for sale that isn’t on that list but has has a atm machine with a proof of surcharged withdrawal reports.

We pay you on the spot as the last bolt goes in the ground: $CASH$

 We also Trade existing locations, offer Free ATM Processing, new and used ATM equipment & ATM Machines, we offer full service ATM Cash loading services, free advertising on machines, Air pumps for gas stations, drive up enclosures for shopping plazas/large venue locations, etc., whatever gets contracts signed and machines in the ground. We also offer outdoor enclosures, free satellite phones in all of our machines which are always offering business owners direct free ATM Placement but always willing to pay a referral fee (call for pay structure/sales opportunities).

Depending on location and contract terms we pay as little as $300 and as much as $5,000 for single locations and for one owner multi locations or established routes with or without machines currently in place even more. We guarentee to give an offer in writing on the spot of any South Florida ATM Machine Placements / ATM Locations and can we will close on any location we approve within 24 hours or we will pay you $100.00

Jordan- Head of ATM Machine Placement,   ATM Services & expansion/partnership or cash loading only agreements. Contact by text 24/7 to set up appointment or call 7 days a week 11:00am-11:00pm call cell directly at: (305) 713-8488...


Hablamos Espanol contacta Sara: (561) 576-8282.


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