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Problems reading forum post on Internet Explorer


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Internet explorer was a bad browser that didn’t comply with internet standards when it was new. Add a few years and it’s now an obsolete noncompliant browser that sucks even more.

Stick to Chrome.

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I'm sorry, somehow I missed this. Strange since I am supposed to be alerted to any post here.

Anyway Internet Explorer has not been supported by Microsoft since January 2016.

Microsoft knew it was time to rebuild the browser, but instead of just calling it Internet Explorer 12, they decided to separate it out completely, and avoid a bunch of issues. First and foremost the negativity associated with the browser with many people, and second it gave them the ability to fix their issues without having to admit their mistakes. 

But you really shouldn't be using Internet Explorer anymore. Not just because it is out of date, but because it now lacks 2 years of security updates.

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