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1 hour ago, AZVendor said:

Sorry, but I'm out of the parts and repair business and I only give my 33 years worth of vending knowledge now.

What happened to all that stuff you've been hoarding :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

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Yes, but vendors are the cheapest people in the world as you can see from this site and if they complain about paying DN/Crane for support they would also not pay me, as a significant number of local customers did to me over the years.  I think my receivables grew to close to $100k in totaling the number of vendors here who stiffed me over the years as well as those I sent parts to who never paid.

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Well, if it matters, I have been trying to get a bill from you for parts from maybe 4 years ago.  I just never got a bill.  I just needed to know how much it was and where to pay.

As for charging for tech support, it is difficult because so much knowledge is shared here on the forum but I honestly think you could just charge an upfront fee of something like $10 and simply provide a parts list for upgrades.  In other words, if someone says they need to update a machine, if you could just tell them what parts they need or provide links to those parts, it would save people such as myself a lot of time and money because I may only have to order all of the parts I need one time rather than having to order an additional bracket or e-prom that I didn't know I needed (or never figured out that I needed because I didn't know better).  Imagine saving $15 on shipping because I paid $10 just to provide a parts list for an upgrade.  I think it's win/win.  It's a cheap "fee" for someone like myself to pay to save a lot of time and researching and it's easy for you to figure out those parts quickly.  And the best part is that you could do it from home all day every day and at your own pace.

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2 hours ago, Corvus Corax said:

I'd pay $10 To find out how to convert a DN 368 to MDB.

1. Load machine on trailer.

2. Set fire to money.

3. :huh:

4. Buy 501E


Not that 368's are bad machines, but it would be way cheaper to buy a used 501E than to convert.

I think SEM makes a kit, but it's 200 to get basic MDB (no card reader) and 350 for the kit that has a display and is card reader ready.

Add 200 for a MDB mech and val and you are up to 550 for a machine that will forever be single price.

For 500 I can get a decent 501E that is in the same shape as the 368 and already has the MDB mech and val in it.

Only time I'd use an SEM kit would be if I had a machine on the second floor and didn't want to move it.

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