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Rocket balloons

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Hey everyone,

I'm having trouble with the rocket balloon/punch balloon mix at a location. I grabbed a couple to test cuz the owner was seeing them pop in people's faces when trying to inflate them. Had some kids that were there try them and myself and a punch blew up in the kids face and a rocket balloon blew up in mine, after stretching it like ur supposed to and it barely started to inflate. Anyone else having trouble like this or know what may be the issue?

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I've been running them for years as a mix, and though I've had some location complaints about bits and pieces getting onto the floor every now and again, I've never had any complaints about the balloons themselves not holding up.

The sun could be a factor in the problem here, but it's hard to say what sort of solution there might be for that one- papering the head to sunscreen it won't necessarily keep it cooler in this scenario. Hmm... I'll let you know if I think of something that might work.

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