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Excited to start my business


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I'm from Philadelphia PA . I  purchased 5 Vendstars 3000 about a year ago  and just secured my first placement in a Papa Johns Pizza.  I know about all the negative reviews for the Vendstar and I will be upgrading as soon as I place the remaining 4 and they start producing income. I purchased 2 additional  canisters which vend 1" gumballs. so 2 of my machines will be vending gumballs. I know that's where the moneys at. largest profits. so I will be in the future only purchasing/placing single head Gumball machines. In the beginning it was very difficult securing a location. still is but I find it easier to talk to ppl and I deal with rejection better. I just smile and say maybe sometime in the future. they'll always respond with sure we'll see.  I would love to have 25-40 locations at some point.  And would love to own a nice spiral gumball machine. Wizard or generic.  I am very determined and will not give up. out of every 20 denials id say one will allow me to place a machine. stay away from Kickstart !!!!!!! I cannot wait until they place this last machine then I'm done with them !   Have a great day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Where I currently work, when I started there was a vendstar there that, over a period of quite a while, no one came to service it. The owner had abandoned it. So after a year or so of looking at it, I took it home and cleaned it out and got out $16. The mechs are all plastic and I actually thought it was intricately designed plastic actually.

The key downfall that I noticed were coins jammed together on top of the chute and will jam the mech. To stop that from happening there needs to be a way for the coins to easily fall off of the flat part of the chute and into the tray. Gluing an ovular shape on top of the chute will allow the coins to fall. An ovular shape could be a small wooden dowel that is cut in half and the coins will roll off of that and into the tray.

I still have it and it is painted white and yellow with a red base and white poles. I still haven't put it out yet and I've had it for about 5 years. Hearing your story just gives me the drive some more to put it out. Post back and say how its going?

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