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Vendo 345-193 - relay not latching


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Hello! I'm not a vending machine business owner, but have recently inherited a Vendo V-345-193.   I am mechanically inclined and have actually worked on this machine several times in the past when motors or micro switches went bed (with the help of the search function on this forum).   The previous owner moved locations and did not want to move the machine.  He asked if I wanted it and when I picked up the machine I was told I was not working......after I loaded it!.....  not worries, I'll search the Vendiscuss forum and figure it out....no joy.  So I registered.  I hope you don't hold it against me that I'm not a professional!   The coinmech never worked properly  - would only accept exact change, so.... since I wanted it to work I decided to replace it and hope that was the problem.  I bought a rebuilt unit but it is still not working.  The new coinmech appears to be  working properly.  It gives correct change and I can change the price and the vend relay will click (momentarily) when the proper price it deposited, however it will not stay latched.  I have bypassed the switches that open the circuit if there is no product, but something is still not allowing the relay to stay latched.  If I bypass the coinmech with jumpers on pins 1,7,and 3 It will vend as long as I keep them shorted.  As I stated before the coinmech seems to be sending a signal to the relay that the correct deposit has been made, as the relay momentarily  clicks ,but something is keeping the relay from staying latched.  My guess is it is come kind to out of service switch, but I am lost at this point.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!  




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