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Parts for Seaga Triple Vend


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I know absolutely nothing about vending machines, but a few years back I picked up a triple head vending machine at a yard sale because I thought it was a cool piece of decoration.

Id love to do a little restoration on it but I haven’t had any luck finding replacement parts. I believe the machine is a Seaga TV3000, and the parts I need are chamber dividers, locks, and anything that may go in the rear (I’ve seen pictures of coin catchers, so I’m assuming there is something specific to go I here).


I apologize for my lack of knowledge on this. Any help is highly appreciated!


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Hello.  The TriVends are very temperamental.   If you have a hard time finding parts, let me know.   I would be interested in buying the shell.  There are newer / easier machines to work on that’s for sure !

If it gets in the way let me know I would probably buy it off of you .

Have a good day.  Jerry (586)703-3534

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I have this same Seaga TV 3000 Triple Vend. 
I am wondering if by ANY chance, does someone have part #17? Looks like it’s three pieces and it’s called the “washer detector”. image.thumb.jpg.4e9b372f791cc26ecc348d0c41c2c7e0.jpgAny info or help on this would be greatly appreciated.


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On 12/22/2018 at 5:33 PM, Nyrican1956 said:

I have part. What r u looking for. ? It looks like the money catchers.? What else

I need part #17. Looks to be called the washer detector. Three pieces. Can you help?

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