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My vending machine can only 'talk' with Nayax. 

When I connect other cashless device my vending machine can't communicate with the new deivce.

Is there a way to add more protocols for all cashless systems to my controller? Or I need to add every protocol seperately? I mean, is there a global file for all cashless devices that connect to MDB

Thank you, 


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If your machine works with nayax, it should work with any other.  You may need to update firmware or adjust settings in the telemeter you are trying to use (if you really need to make a change).   I am presuming you are disconnecting nayax before connecting something else.  The MDB circuit dosen't have enough power for too many devices to connect at once, and 2 systems that are not made to work together likely won't work together.  Payrange, for example, had to make a different device to be installed in a machine that also has a card reader, their original device would not work that way since most vending machines will only support one cashless input at a time.


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12 hours ago, OrelS said:

ePort details


PN 10065800

SN 00081282


BOOT 0200f

FW 040111



That Saturn 6500 is just a swipe reader. You need a modem/controller to run it, unless it's an old Edge all in one which most are obsolete 2G systems. Pics would help.

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Thank you for your answers.

My vending machine is frozen drink vending machine- quinzee. It is new machine. The machine works fine with nayax.


The modem details are:

MODEL: ePort Telemeter


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I had to ask. You'd be surprised how many newbies buy something on Ebay and expect it to work. Your only choice, is to connect this device on a known working US made MDB vending machine  to see if it works.

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