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GENESIS OFFICE DELI - ERROR MESSAGE (motor test not working?)


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hello, i own a genesis 173 office deli combo machines...

i could really use your help. i only have one of these we bought for the office. i didnt realize all the problems i can have... lol

for now, i just have a simple issue it seems... all the A items are not working. the motor doesnt turn. 

when people put money and select an A item, it says error..


so far, I  have tried through the service menu to go to motor testing and test all the A slots and neither of them turn... 

any suggestions i can try before talking about failed parts? 

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Sorry I just can’t help you. I have one of mine doing the exact same thing. I have it in storage next to a good working machine. I’m just gonna start swapping parts until I fix the problem. Probably will be a couple more weeks.

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All the Seaga's are imported or built with imported parts and have no real tech support.  In general terms, check all the connectors starting at the board to be sure they are well seated and the wiring is intact.  Check the connectors on all the motors.  It might also be a keyboard issue.  Good luck.

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