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Afternoon ladies and gents,

I recently picked up an old Dixie-Narco machine for a great price (free)!  My intention is to just throw a few beers in it for myself and a few pops for the kids.  I was wondering if there was a way to bypass the need for coins?  I don’t mind leaving quarters out, but would be easier if we could just push a button.  Secondly, only 2 of the 6 buttons work.  Is there a place to go to buy the parts online where I could simply punch in the model number and get lined out with correct parts?  Thirdly, there is ice forming on a line, how can I fix that?  I’m assuming that there isn’t proper flow and that something may need cleaned.  Anyway, the machine has a model number engraved of DN174-6 on it if that helps!  Oh and one more thing, do companies service private residence drink machines.  Cheers!

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That's an old machine, buddy.  Parts might be hard to get and there really isn't a place to get parts in the fashion you mention as your machine is far too old for any parts distributor to carry much of what you might need.  That machine is probably 45 years old from my research.  However, those old machines can often be relatively simple to repair depending on what's wrong.

As for having a tech go to your home, i would be surprised if anyone turned you down.  As long as you aren't having it moved, and you have space to work on it, any good tech could easily work on it at your residence.  Given the amount of problems you have, you would definitely want a tech IF you want them fixed.  However, ice on the deck can mean a lot.  Worst case scenario, you need the deck recharged.  This can easily cost $250+.  As for the selections not working, that could be a few things but that's an older machine and i'm unfamiliar with it.  You really did someone else a favor by picking it up.

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It's a pretty old machine, but the control circuit design is pretty standard.

They finally did away with single price relay logic (which your machine has) in the mid 90's.

If you could post some pics and describe the problems more in detail I could probably help you.


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