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A&A sticker machine

ginger vend

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I had an A&A sticker machine lock opened by some loser last night.  This was the standard lock from A&A so I assume they had a key.  No signs of forced entry.  The lock was also not in alignment so my key would not fit.  I assume they filed down the raised portion on the key to misalign the lock as I have done with my camlocks on my rack.  Or is there another way to do this?  I have never had this issue and I have been vending tats for least 5 yrs. Left the machine face sitting on the floor with the tats and just took money.  Did not mess with my rack with the camlock locks. 

What company would be the best to order the sticker lock from?  Camlock assuming they have the sticker machine type lock or another company?


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