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No power to machine (FSI/USI 3132)

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Came to my location today and saw that my machine was not powering on. By chance do these machines ever have any power issues? Another cause for it to not getting power is due to that the machine is in a school weight room and I have seen kids drop or place weights near the power cord. There are a few slices on the cord but nothing major that I can see. If it does need a new power cable what's the best way to replace it? Hope someone can help!

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There is a small breaker inside the door to the right I believe.  I would check it.  Might check the outlet & make sure it has power & hasn't been tripped.  Check too where the cord plugs into the machine & make sure it hasn't been jerked loose.   If I remember correctly there is a rubber grommet that the cord goes through.  I would back up inside the machine (make sure the cord is unplugged) & splice in a new cord if it's tripping the breaker.  I have seen cords damaged internally & short out.  

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