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Wooden 1" and 2" racks


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I was wandering around the older posts and stumbled upon http://www.the-toy-vending-company.com/

They have some interesting "handcrafted american oak" racks on their site.  I like the look of them especially compared to a pipe stand but am curious about how they would hold up over time.  In an upper scale location I think they would be fine but for... 80% of locations i can see them rolling out the door.

I did contact them on the cost of the racks but haven't heard back from them.  The website isn't real clear whether or not they are actually selling or just showing them off.

Thought I would share this, something different isn't always bad but durability is still a concern on something like this.

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I have a good amount of the interactive sports games from this company. I really like them and they have held up really well. With that said, I am not sure if he manufacturers or sells them anymore. I know a big issue was the cost of shipping as they are pretty heavy. I'll reach out to him and try to get you a response. They are located in Southern California near me so I have had luck buying and picking them up same day.


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I got a response a couple days ago from them and the person that responded said they only make them for their own use and not to sell.

I thought they were interesting but as nice as they look, I'm going to stick with steel stands they are simpler and take up less space.

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