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New Honor Box Route Started

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I am brand new to the forums and just started a vending business that will help raise money for charity but that will also support myself and my 7 year old daughter.

Our website is bulkcandyvendor.com and we are in Austin, TX.

Yesterday was my first day locating locations for my candy for a cause honor boxes and I am waiting on some snack boxes in the mail.

I started with 50 pink ribbon boxes selling tootsie pops, blowpops, dum dums and chocolate minis.

After 2 days of locating I have 12 locations and will provide updates each time I get a  chance so those that are interested can follow along. 

I also added 3 U-Turn 8 selection candy machines for a total of 15 locations in the mix for spots that already had an honor box or were further away.

I have a few other candy/soda/claw vending machines I will be adding in the mix whenever I can.

Really excited to add snack boxes to my routes as some locations are perfect.

I am recording everything that I do on my iphone so that I can edit and upload a video of my new vending journey as well.

I am happy to answer any questions and more happy to get advice from those who have a hundred + locations and have been doing it awhile.

Please wish me luck and stay tuned for more updates!


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