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Newbie candy vending, Small time business


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Hi, we own about a dozen candy/toy vending machines and a couple of honor boxes.   We are definitely small time at this point. I do have a Sam’s Club membership but have only been able to get skittles and M&M’s in bulk bags so far. Every place I go to online seems to cost more than Sam’s especially when you factor in the shipping rate. So right now I am struggling to get candy.   I also am still trying to figure how much I can actually earn from say a 3lb bag of candy. Which is kinda why I don’t know yet how much I should spend on a bag of candy so I can still make a profit.  For example : a 54oz bag of skittles cost me 6.99 at Sam’s what would my profit be??   M&M’s is around 9.99 for 54oz. If I go to Sam’s I don’t have to pay shipping.   If anyone can show me examples I would greatly appreciate it.   I also am always looking for the cheapest way to buy candy.   So far we have been lucky enough that we have bought toys super cheap already in capsules from others selling off their businesses.   

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Welcome to the forum!

There is a wealth of information further down in the bulk vending section of the forum. 

Without going into much detail here,

- candy shoot for 1/2 an ounce per vend

- toys, shipping is painful but, the more you order at once the better; http://cardinaldist.com/ , https://www.aaglobal.com/ , http://www.2flatline.com/


Again, I can not stress enough, read the bulk vending section and when you are tired of reading... keep reading


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