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Oh, Rats!

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Well, I seem to have an account that can't/won't get rid of their rodent problem... good account but what a pain!  I have upgraded the snack unit and I think it will hold the line, but does anyone have any experience with putting screens on the back of stack drink machines to prevent nesting?  I am planning to use a heavy hardware cloth and self tapping metal screws across the back.  Thoughts/ideas???

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I’ve had the same issues on a number of wharehouse accounts. The worst ones were places that used a rodent control that relied on the critters to drink water then the poison would kill them. Seems they would drink the water in the condensation pan and die all around it creating an awefull smell when the fan would kick on. Other warehouses that don’t use any poison have very little to no issues. 

If you are going to try screening them out, don’t forget the front and bottom. There’s holes underneath some doors as well. Be careful not to block your airflow and good luck. Let us know how it goes. 

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