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Locating in Austin, TX

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Hello, everyone!

I am new to this and have started a route in Austin, TX over the past 2 - 3 weeks.

My mother and grandmother are breast cancer survivors so I am supporting pink ribbon with honor boxes. 

My question is about how do you guys get the really big accounts?

Like Wal-Marts and HEBs? Movie Theaters and Bowling Alleys? 

I ask because I have obtained a couple of claw machines and a soda machine and right now a locator is not in the budget until I determine how much I'll actually be making trying to do this full time.

These are the types of locations I would like to get my claw machines and soda machine into.

Is there anything that I can be doing, other then what I am doing now to get the better locations?

Right now my day consists of filling my car with pre-filled boxes and hitting the streets, putting them out and if I get any "have to talk to corperate" type answers, sometimes I will try to email that company when I get home, usually I forget about it and move on.

Any tips are really appreciated.


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So you are doing honor boxes not the  plastic box shown in your profile. Giving you a big pat on the back for hitting the pavement using your own feet.  You are a businessman.  Take 4 stocked boxes, put them in the car, walk into places you feel might work.  Let them see your items. Be brief, Hi my mother and grandmother are both breast cancer survirors (only say this if it is true)  Have some business cards made up by Vista Print. Focus on your support of Breast Cancer.  If you are serious go to your local cancer support center to get some of their brochures.  Staple your card to their flyer, ask the location if they would try it for a month.  If they don't like it just call your number on the card and you will pick it up. 

No risk to them, if the money is short you may leave a reminder note but they are not responsible.  If it continues to be short you will pull it.

These work really well in Real Estate Offices, Insurance offices, Police/sheriff also really good,  Beauty salons are great, not barber shops, any place where they are dealing with the public.  They want to let people know they support the community.  The drink will be another matter but while you are on the search, as you leave a box just say, Hey you all don't want a drink machine do you?  My sister did a honor box route.  She did elementary schools teachers lounge.    Just sit down and call them.  Vendors won't do them because there are too many restrictions.  But in the teachers lounge, no problem.  Just call, ask if they would like some snacks, could you drop by and show them?  Also if you have over 75 teachers you might offer that drink.  You may have to move them around because some will be slow and some will surprise you.  If you need help, call Rodney.

Don't do tire shops, oil change, because people will walk out with it.  If you place it behind the counter in those places that will work.  Hope this helps.

It is always a good idea to be careful about peanut products when the public may be involved.





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Thanks so much for the replies, guys.

Right now I am doing pink ribbon honor boxes and some boxes for america association for lost children.

They are cardboard boxes but I would like to order some acrylic ones for my better locations, I am in the process of looking for suppliers.

Right now I have about 40 locations and I just got 25 more from charity vending that I will be putting out this week.

I have warning: "may contain peanuts" on all of my boxes and will probably be adding some sort of smaller "please don't steal, violators will be prosecuted" sticker.

Theft rate has been really high in a couple spots and I've had a couple of boxes had the money stolen but I think I have learned from it and am figuring out which locations work and which ones don't pretty quickly and so far it has still been profitable.

I just got my business cards in the mail for bulkcandyvendor.com and I want to expand until I have as many as I can handle by myself.

I also came into possession of some crane games/claw machines and redemption games that I've bee scouting locations for and the website for that is almost complete.

The advice is so much appreciated and I will keep you guys posted on my progress goes with putting the tips to good use.

Have a great night!


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