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AP Snack Shop 7600 D510

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 New here and did a search but could only find articles about machines that already accepted bills. I recently took over this machine here at my work and I bought it without a bill acceptr/validator. What components would I need to get this machine up and running taking $1's and would it be possible to get it to take credit cards?


Thanks for any help!



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If you only want bills there is a kit that includes the bracket and harness to install a Mars 2511.

If you want credit cards you would need to upgrade the board to one that supports MDB, which the credit card reader would interface to.

For the first option you would need the kit which is 30 bucks plus a validator for 150.

For the second option you would need the board (300), coin mech (old one won't work, as all payment devices in the machine have to be MDB) for 150, validator for 150, and a credit card reader for 300. If you want a drop sensor (guaranteed vend) add another 100.

First option:



Needs both

Universal Board: http://www.veii.com/Innovations/UCB/UCB-KIT-FOR-AP-6000-7000.html

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Yes, as ORSD said, to add a card reader can cost as much as $1,000 to do it right as you really need to replace the board and some other components.  If accepting cards isn't worth $1,000 in components to you, then just spend the $150'ish for a refurbished validator and the proper brackets and harnesses.

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I believe InOne's control board allows the use of non mdb mech & validator and I like the InOne board better than the VE board. THe menu system is much more user friendly.

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You are correct arkhusker.  The inOne lets you keep you existing mech & validator. There is a connection on the board for the MDB harness of the CC Reader.  Of course the MDB upgrade of the mech/validsator is a much better choice.  If you choose to do that, the Revision Door from Vendors Exchange will give you all you need, plus a new door for around $1100

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