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Dixie 414

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I've got a dixie 414 mp?, not sure what the mp stands for or if you need to know that but there it is.  Anyway its stealing money in spurts and then working just fine in spurts.  And I mean 6-7 peoples money to the point where they quit using the machine.  It has a 9302 gx coinmech and my first thought is to replace the coinmech but could this be a computer board issue? Whats your diagnosis?

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I don't know about MP but.. assuming it's MPC like orsd said then it's a Multi Price Controller and it's not reliable just like he said.  Having a 9302-gx though would imply that it's not an MPC or it's a REALLY weird modified machine.  The 414, I think, is a tall 10-select 2-deep machine.  I just don't know of what the M is for unless it's possibly magnum??  If so, I thought magnum was a coke version but I don't really know.  Anyway, if it has an MPC board in it then it's a sort of long rectangular board in a metal box.  If it's an SII or SIID board then it's located likely in the top left part of the door, just above the validator.

As for the fix, just replace the coin mech and see what happens.  You could have something sticky in there that gets jammed until someone keeps pressing the coin return and finally clears it, or you could have a bad board too of course but it depends on how they are losing money (not registering or registers and then gives them nothing) and what type of money they are losing (bills, coins, or both).  If they are losing coins AND bills and it just doesn't register, then it's likely a bad board or coin mech.  If the money registers but nothing comes out after, then I would assume it's either a bad board or a shorted circuit.  Also, check for any loose or disconnected ground wires somewhere.  And if don't have one, buy a little outlet tester to make sure the outlet is grounded.  They cost a couple dollars and usually have 3 lights that tell you if it is grounded properly.  The only other thing that might be going on is that there is too much on the circuit and the voltage drops/surges and causes weird problems but I don't think that's your issue.

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