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We Have Los Angeles Locations Ready for New Combo Machines!


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We have 3 great locations in LA that would like vending machines, but none of our Vending Partners in the area are in the market for new locations right now. 

One location has 80 people daily with access to the machine (zip code: 90058). Second location has about 230 people daily (zip code: 91040) and they would like perishable items like sandwiches and salads. Third location has about 130 people daily (zip code 91402).

We're charging a fee $600 per location for these, which is a huge discount off our current $750 rate!

Please call Balanced Choice Vending at 888-400-2831 if interested.

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  • BCV changed the title to We Have Los Angeles Locations Ready for New Combo Machines!

Your prices are outrageous for locations like that, especially for one that foolishly wants cold food.  Combo machines, my azz.  Trying to get around the advice we all give here to avoid combo machines unless they are for satellite locations?

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I have to disagree with AZ.  Example:  We just setup a large transportation center.  (400 plus on site employees) they have a small out building for their guards and security (45 emp)  plus it is so small.  To get the agreement the vendor has to purchase a combo.  A National is going to do the trick. I believe what most people on the forum are upset about is the quality of most combo's (Gains, Antars, etc) is very low. Plus if it is a good account you will need to service a lot.  

A client in Texas contacted us for help.  They purchased 15 Seaga combo machines......wait for it....wait..$42000 dollars.  The locations they gave them were awful.  The clients are spiritual people, so guess what, they got them a bunch of churches, teachers lounges in Elementary Schools, 5 self storage lots...the list is horrible. We have helped them file a case and they will get back all but about 30% of it.  Plus they get to keep the machines which are already giving them problems. 

Our first spot for them was a 495 luxury apartment complex with a huge community center plus an indoor pool and outdoor pool.  Tennis courts, the office, club house type set up.  They took 4 of those machines.  They do have CC cards. One thing about these units is they are extremly easy to find locations.  And offices are really good with these Seaga machines with that side car.

1)  80 emp account (unless it is all office) is $900 from us for a full size setup

     that is our blue collar rate,

     all office combo rate 80 emp  $600  unless it is a red gains size combo, Antares, those are $250 to $300

(junk      machines)

2)  230 emp would be a drink snack food and possible coffee

     we would charge $2200 

    all office and we would do a micromarket  $1800...

3)  130 emp is another drink and snack set up (a combo would never work)  $900

My concern is either they are employees or foot traffic, we never handle foot traffic accounts

unless it is a large hotel, large movie theater with over 100 staff and of course, the machines are only available for the staff, 

We just got the contract for LA new Coliseum.  Even there we only counted on site employees, no guess  work on foottraffic

Also is this all healthy accounts?





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