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Offering Data Entry And Route Planning


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So I thought id throw this out there. ive been doing data entry jobs from home in my spare time, along with my own data entry and route planning for my route. the ebay biz is getting on my last nerve, and ive officially pulled out, freeing up a lot of time. 

if anyone on here has a large route, and you find that the data entry and route planning has become so much of a chore that it is holding you back from expanding your route, let me know and we can talk. 

personally, when i do my count at the end of the day, i usually write my numbers on paper, then add them on the pc later. If you do it the same way, your paper could easily be faxed, or scanned and emailed so i could input the numbers. 

I use my route online . com for route planning, and vendtrak for data entry and route management.

i would need access to your vendtrak account (i know... red flag #1) , your bank account number, mothers maiden name, SSN, DOB,  and drivers licence  number. ok, so im kidding about the maiden name, dob, ssn, and licence, but i would need access to vendtrak to input data. 

for those of you familiar with vendtrak, id just need you to schedule your route, then i could plan it on my route . com. and it gets emailed to you. the app is really helpful, with so-so built in gps (google maps) 

ive done this for a few people just by word of mouth, but thought what the heck, there are a lot of vendors here, who knows? 

for route planning i charge .25c per entry, and for data entry i charge .15 per entry (includes changing service times, products, so on) 

payment can be made with a bank transfer (after the work is done), paypal, or even facebook messenger. 

my only stipulation is, i prefer to not work with people in oregon, or washington state, just to avoid any issues that may come up with locations, such as kick outs, missing equipment, so on, and im only familiar with vendtrak software.  im not sure how long ill have the time to offer this, but thought id throw it out there all the same. best of luck everyone!

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 I am interested in your route planning service. I tried to look up route online.com and did not find anything.  I wanted to see what criteria it uses for planning routes.  Please provide a link if you have one. 

 We have approximately 800 locations and have been thinking about re-ordering them for more efficiency. 

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