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Gumball Racks


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-A route I bought had one at a factory that had very little vending, only one snack and 1 pop machine. 

-Another factory I have a double head candy in (and it does well) has 2 cold food machines, 2 pop machines and 2 snack machines, a vendstar, and 2 other double head so a small rack would be overkill in an already flooded location. 

I would think a charity location would be best for that small of a rack.

Would it be worth doing a small rack like that in a commission location?

Would it be better to do a 3 way (1-2" or sticker and 2-1") or a 4 way?

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Anything is possible in the right location. I personally don't have any location that would support 4 different GB, though to be honest I've never tried. Theoretically, that's the same amount of GB as a spiral more or less, so I guess it's worth a try. 

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