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spiral gumball machine - what make?

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Hey All!

This is my first post as I am new to the forums but have been reading up on everything here for the last few weeks trying to get caught up to speed. 

I am looking to purchase some bulk candy and gumball machines to get started and had a question to ask. I found this 4 foot spiral gumball machine for sale on Facebook Marketplace in my area. the seller does not know the make of this machine. The machine is missing a coin box and I just want to see if I can confirm the make of this machine before purchasing so I will be able to find parts easily. The price is 75. Any feedback would be appreciated.



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That is a Wizard Spiral, they are good machines. They have a Beaver coin mech. That one needs a good cleaning so you will need a special bit that has 2 prongs to take it apart. They are kind of a pain to disassemble and clean, but they can bring in the quarters in the right location.

A fairly high volume location that has kids is ideal for that machine.

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