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Question on pricing


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Hey, sorry it has taken so long, I have been really busy, the model number of my Dixie Narco is DNCB 501T/SI I - 8. If you can figure it out please let me know. All help is appreciated.

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That should mean it has an SII board in it.  Open the machine and, if it has two service buttons on the board, press and hold them both simultaneously until the display on the front says "Hd".  Once you get there, you press the top selection button on the front of the machine.  That's button 1.  That will scroll to the next menu.  I believe you want SP (set price).  Once there, i believe button 3 is enter.  You will eventually get to something liketm "se -".  Once there, press the selection you wish to change.  It should go up or down.  If it goes the wrong way, let go and press it again.  You might have to hold the button for about a second and let go for it to go the other way.  It depends on the model.

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