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NV-2020 trouble shooting all mechs

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We have an NV-2020 that has been working trouble free then out of the blue it stopped taking money.

During power up self-test it displays the following

Coin mech - NO

Bill mech - NO

eport mech  - NO


I've never worked on vendor machines but because I have a back ground in electronics I was asked to take a look.  I could not find any schematics online. I have reseated all the connectors to see if there was no change to the self - test and no improvement was made.


Any help is really appreciated

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NV= National Vendors?  2020=I don't know what.  If it's a National machine that doesn't see the mech or bill acceptor then it has to be reconfigured or the logic board is bad, or the coin mech interface board is bad.

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2 minutes ago, 57thTom said:

Genesis. It's sold by Discount Vending Store.

At least that is what it appears to me.

Here is the manual.


If that's the case he's going to need some MD2020 to work on that NV 2020 :o

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3 minutes ago, lacanteen said:

If that's the case he's going to need some MD2020 to work on that NV 2020 :o

I'm not sure that waking up in a ditch with puke covered pants over my head is better than working on a Genesis. Gonna have to think about it for a sec.

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I apologize for my lack of information. I'll certainly try to do a better job in future posts.

It is from Fortune Resources model NV=2020. I found a manual on the web but it has no schematic type information or wiring information to aid in tracing faults. I was hoping someone might have something or some ideas for repairing..

Lacanteen suggested I'd need an MD2020. A web search shows it could be Mogen David wine. I've not heard of that one since high school :) If MD2020 is something else please point me in the right direction....

I'd like to make a comment that will help us posters. The machine was bought used a few years ago for our small company. It has been trouble free for about 3 years or so. To comment it's junk and to scrap it does not really answer my quest to find a schematic/wiring diagram. Certainly if I was looking for a recommendation of a good model that kind of feedback would be helpful. Same if I spend too much time trying to fix it - it's then junk and I'll scrap.


Thanks for the replies, much appreciated






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My post was strictly to induce humor. I mean no offense, but those that make their living with vending machines do not depend on equipment from Fortune Resources. They cater to small locations and business opportunity models. You should call the tech support number on the picture you posted. If they are not there or cannot provide what you need, that is why professional vendors shun this type of equipment. I have manuals and schematics going back into the 70's for A/P, Crane/National, Vendo, and Dixie Narco. 

Here is a manual I found for your machine: https://discountvending.com/vendingmachine/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/NV-2020-Owners-Manual-1.pdf

Here is a link to a trouble shooting session we had here a little over a year ago: https://vendiscuss.net/topic/28722-nv-2020-ict-validator-help/

Welcome to our forum, having been raised in northeast Ohio, here is the MD2020 I referenced earlier:


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