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Royal RVCDE 552-8 Error - Sold Out

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Hey All,

Need some troubleshooting help.  I have a Royal 552-8 soda machine.   When I was going to service it i opened the machine and like 7 or 8 sodas fell out of the machine that were stuck on the drop ramp.   I checked the delivery door and it was working so not 100% sure why they got stuck.   I stocked the machine and went to test it.   When I put in the dollar it took the credit and then I made a selection.   I would select Coke(known to be stocked) and it would say "hold" for maybe 5 second then would flash "Sold Out"  I attempted all selections with the same result.   Reset the machine, checked for a jammed soda, cleared the door again.   Then I downloaded the manual and it said to check for issues with the drop sensor or the door switch.   I haven't replaced the door switch but did check connections and the line which all appeared fine.   Not sure the next step to take so wanted to see what the experts may think or where I should begin.  

Thoughts?  Input?   

How would you all troubleshoot this from here? 

Mr Vend Alot

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You need to replace the fuse that is located just above where the coin mech plugs into the machine.  The fuse holder usually has a spare mounted in it but if not then replace it with an exact replacement fuse.  Your problem with the jammed cans was probably that the logic board ran all motors at the same time (were all cans different?) which eventually blew the over-current fuse.  This might have been caused by a power brown-out or a bad florescent bulb in or near the machine.

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Thank you AZVendor!

Yes it was a variety of soda's, which I found strange.   That makes a lot of sense that that all motors fired.  

The florescent bulbs were flickering also.  I removed the lights while I was doing this.   Thank you for the help, I will go check the fuse to see if there is a replacement or work to get the match.   

Thanks again.  

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