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was wondering if anyone had ant info about this topic we have 85 locations all in the healthcare sector and they want us to do there office coffee for all there locations they use the liquid coffee with the selection of regular and decade table top machine I've contacted multiple distributors and they will give us the machines for free but we have to purchase coffee through them is there any option the coffee at these facilities is free for the employees the residents that live there and family member that visit the residents so they go through a lot of coffee . also is there a machine that does freeze dried coffee and powder which will cut cost even further down due to the price of liquid coffee. thanks 

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You could buy 85 machines @ 3K-7K each and find your own cheap deal on coffee (which you will not find on vending coffee)

Or you could take the 250K worth of free machines, that you will not have to maintain, and let them stock you.

This seems like a pretty simple concept to me, you are already getting a bargain

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