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Merlin 2000 Refrigeration deck question

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To add to my collection of oddball machines, including single price 501e's, 501T's with SIID boards, and various other equipment, I recently opened up a Royal 552-8 that I had gotten for free almost 2 years ago and the refrigeration deck is weird.  The condenser looks as though it has been rotated down and there is a metal shroud in front of it (making it difficult to try to clean if I needed to).  However, everything else appears to be just like any other Royal deck and it even bolts down this way.  Has anyone seen this?  And, more importantly, should it be completely compatible with the common style Royal deck with the curved condenser bowing outward?  I plan on purchasing a whole new deck and I may repair the deck on another machine and put it in this one, but the board is a 1.10 board and I wonder if this machine would just be a money pit.

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