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so little heads so many choices


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Just looking for a lot of peoples opinions 

I plan on running mostly double an triple heads (if the double does good i try to bring in a triple) i plan on vending 1' toys at $1 (yes im Canadian)  and one other candy. Now im wondering what would you pick to vend out of a double for the candy section? gumballs , m&ms, skittles or other. My thinking is that skittles and m&ms are general candys that everyone likes while gumballs are more geared to kids. am i wrong on this thinking?

does anyone know toy suppliers other than allstar for 1'  toys in canada. it seems like they dont have much verity in 1' but i could be wrong and probably have all they types of toys ill ever need.


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I always like to start with GB, if they dont' sell that's when I change, normally to another cheap candy like skittles. Mike and ike's do great, but aren't as resilient. I have no idea who ships to Canada, all star has good prices, you might check out AA global 

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