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More good news from Crane! *Sarcasm Font*

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15 hours ago, tc vending said:

Ap 933 rubber gasket/seal for factory glass. 

If it's the standard single pane glass, you can get it here: http://www.dsvendinginc.com/p-343-d460350-glass-channel-18-thick-glass-sold-by-foot.aspx

If it's the high security glass or thermal glass The Vending Center in Bessemer, AL might have it.

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16 hours ago, Anacapa Vending said:

I need 2 radios for Merchant touch screens. :)

Sad to admit that I inherited 3 of these in an acquisition 9 months ago and scrapped them.

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We just went through a similar headache with Crane.

Needed a refrigeration deck for an old drink machine we have on route.  Went back and forth on the phone 8-10 times over a 3-4 day process.  They finally said we are good to go.  They billed us.  Then reversed the charge.  Then dodged my phone calls for about a week.  I left numerous voicemails with numerous people.  Then I got sick.  I told my business partner that I doubted the deck would ever come.  Then my business partner and I had poor communication between the two of us.  Then my business partner reached out to a different company.  They said to contact this certain company directly to save a little bit of money.  Turns out that company was Crane.  He ordered one after much confusion and frustration over the phone.  The deck he ordered was delivered Monday.  The deck I "ordered" came in Tuesday.  We replaced the deck today.  We now have a spare so in 10 years we are set.  

Vending. lol

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