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I am looking for recommendations for cleaning all parts of both snack and drink machines.  Glass, outsides, tuff fronts, trays, coils, drink machine metal as well as the graphic area.  Any suggestions are welcomed.  I see a lot of cleaning products on  vendors exchange and I'm wondering if they are any good.


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I have been using Pledge on the outsides of machines. Especially tuff fronts. It seems to repel the dust build up & gets down in the texture. It also works good on the selves, especially where bags tend to stick. Soda machines that are really nasty I take to the car wash, just avoid shooting the validors, changers or motors. The car wash also works well on caked refrigeration units. I usually let them dry out before plugging them in. If I can’t wash the refrigeration units, I usually blow them out with an air compressor or lately my leaf blower since it’s easier to get around. 

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When I am doing a rebuild:

Exterior: Dawn, rag, hose. Wax soda machine paint with car wax.

Glass: sprayaway glass cleaner

Snack coils and shelves: Simple green

On location: Clorox wipes, or simple green for everything. Sprayaway for glass.

Novus plastic polish for dingy looking buttons.


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