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How many claw machines should I collect to begin vending?


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Long story short I've loved claw machines my whole life, and I'd like to become a vendor of the sorts. I've already looked up local state laws and permits, registration for machines, etc.. I'm in the process of saving the money now. I want to purchase old, cheap machines and refurbish them. 

How many machines do I need to start making a good profit monthly? Or is it possible to start out with just one? 

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Claw machines are a hell of a way to cut your teeth.

Very high amount of competition, hard to find locations because of that.

Lots of little things to know that only come from experience, old machines just make it that much worse.

I will say however, that if you like messing with claw machines, and are reasonably good with tools, get a decent machine and mess around with it.

Spend a few hundred bucks and mess around with it. Play it, break it, and fix it. Learn the ins and out of cranes.

Then try to find a location, and place it.

I would not recommend jumping in the deep end, the learning curve is just too steep. It's not like bulk machines where you can learn the basics in a day.

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