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Deli Express Sandwiches

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Anybody selling Deli Express sandwiches. I've just been selling burritos, Hot Pockets and Small Pizza's in my cold food machines.

Looked at them at a whole seller today and the box said 30 day shelf life refrigerated. That sounds like a long time to me. Anybody have any information on them? 

Thanks in advance

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I haven't done food since I have been self-employed but I did stock them when I was just a driver over 8 years ago.  I am assuming they haven't changed much, but back then they were okay and had a decent shelf life like Anacapa mentioned.  The downside is that they just weren't as tasty as slightly more expensive brands were and they seemed to be less bang-for-your-buck compared to the higher end sandwiches.  I mean, they are a well-known brand and do well but I wouldn't put a deli express cheeseburger in place of a pierre brand cheeseburger.  They are decent choices for deli sandwiches I think.

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