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Setting to free coffee or repairs

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Our Saeco coffee machine was robbed several months ago.  The money holder and coin holder were pulled out and taken.  We ordered new ones, but it seems that the panel they attach to is also gone, and I can't get anyone to figure out a part number so we can order a new one.  There is virtually no customer support.

While I would love to get the machine fixed, I would like to at least set the machine to give out free coffee in the meantime.  I set it up for free by following the manual instructions, but the machine still does not work because it cannot detect the coin holder (even though it is set to free), so I'm back to square one.  Any advice would be helpful.

On a related note, does anyone want to buy a 1-year old coffee vending machine that just needs someone who knows what they are doing to put it back together?

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