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New here and first time vending owner

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49 year old Software analyst. I just bought my first machine which I cannot find anything on the web about... Dixie Narco  DN 1807105-5


The guy I bought it from said he thought it was a 1980 model.  Does bottles or cans  has 5 slots. Said he put a 134a fitting pulled a vacuum and over filled it. I was thinking of going back to 12 if I can find out some more information on it.

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It is a 12 oz can only machine, 2 cans deep.  The reference to bottles was for old glass 12 oz bottles but it had to be set up for them.  It is a single price machine and should work well for you.  The overcharge on freon begs the question, "how does he know?"  You should have a vending repair man look at the freon just to see if 134a can even be in that system.  If the compressor is designed for R12 then it's now ruined by mixing 134a into it.  Those two freons require different oils to be in the compressor, or I should say the compressor oil requires a specific freon type.  You can't just add freon willy nilly.

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