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Coil/Auger purchasing

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Hello Everybody, I am new to the forum and also vending in general. I only have two machines at the moment and hope to slowly gain more.

My reason for making this thread is to ask Where do you guys get your coils/augers for your machines. My machines are USI alpine 3517 and I want to get some coils that can hold larger product. I've been refereed to vendnetusa but have to be honest I dont want to pay 20+ per coil, especially since I want several coils.

Has anyone here found a "bargain" machine parts store or are the prices I'm seeing on vendnet about the going rate?

And also inside that question being new to the game and not having dealt with other machines are coils and motors "universal" so to speak? I imagine each machine brand has a different style but if I were to find some coils for say a USI brand machine of a different model would there be a chance they would work in my machine? Kinda like parts for a GM or a FOMOCO product, you may not be able to get a gm latch to work for a ford but most likely the mercury latch will work in your ford.


Thanks for the help!

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