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First post and few questions


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Hi y'all! First post here (pretty excited about it). 

I found a lot of useful information on this forum over the last few months and I figured out it was my time to join the party!

I'm from Canada (cheers to all the neighbors out there!) and doing a part-time vending machine hustle on the side with 2 friends. We installed 9  machines over the last 10 months or so. We specialize in the healthy-ish market and focus mainly on gyms (since we have a lot of contacts there).

I found that the most frequent problem we have is bugged coin changers. Since we bought all of our machines used, here is my first question:

Do you think it is a good investment to buy new coin changers and replace the old ones? I feel like unresponsive coin changers can be a threat to the "health" of a location...

Moreover, we bought a few really cheap machines 3 seaga combo machines... yikes, 3 small AP CS12 (which work pretty well but not a lot of features), 1 Merlin IV beverage machine, 1 AMS Slim Gem and 1 Mercato 2000 (I really like the last 2). We want to stay in not-so-expensive and small-ish vending machines, but we still want good and reliable machines. What are you guys favorite brands/models for reliability, low maintenance and quality?

Furthermore, how often do you usually fill and maintain your machines? And what does your maintenance routine look like? I usually do 1 time per week, maybe 2. I'll clean up the window, remove little dust and sometimes check the coin changer. It takes me around 10-15 minutes each location. It is not a big deal since we only have 9 machines, but it might become a (good) problem if we keep adding machines to our route.

Thanks a lot!


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Just get your bad mechs and validators repaired, if they are Mars or Coinco.  If they are any other brand then buy replacements for them.  All but the AP CS12s are MDB so get yourself a 3 tube MDB mech and 24 v validator for spares then rotate the bad ones out for repair.  You need to dump the Seaga crap and replace the CS12s with better MDB machines so that all your mechs and validators are the same technology.  The Royal, AMS and USI machines are good. 

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