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Royal RVV500

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I've got a RVV500 that I've had no issues with, until Friday. Got a call that there were drinks piled up at the bottom and they didn't know what happened. When I got there and cleared up everything, I got the machine back up and running. I did have to make an adjustment due to the cup not dispensing the drink into the opening.

Got a call today that the machine want wiring and it was masking a terrible noise. The x-axis motor was very loud and the belt was disconnected from that side of the cup. When I try to manually rotate that motor, it's seems pretty stiff. I'm not sure how freely it should spin, but I'm pretty certain thats the issue. Anyone able to chime in before I spend a few hundred on a new motor? 

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your description certain sounds like a bad x axis motor if I'm understanding right.  To be clear, you cannot move the picker cup left or right or up or down manually due to the siezed/siezing motor.  Is that correct?

I'd also replace the drive belt!

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