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USI CB300/FSI 3179 low refrigerant

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I have a couple of these units that have the common ice forming on the upper part of the evaporator coils. Evap fan blows fine and temp doesn't really drop like it should. (About 40°)

Does anyone know how much refrigerate USI puts in it? Is stop leak refrigerant a good idea? Does the dryer filter really need replacing every time you charge one? 

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No stop leak!  It will clog your capillary tube.  Make sure your thermostat cap tube is not touching metal and that it's set to 1 1/2.  Make sure both condenser fans are working at full speed and the condenser is clean.  New driers are required when the system is opened to repair a leak or replace a compressor.  The amount of freon installed is listed on the compressor base but it has to be weighed in.  To see if it's low on freon you have to put a line tap on the low side.  It's probably just low on freon and should run at 18-20 lbs when everything is working right.  These are a golpher to work on so you should let a GOOD tech work on them.  The important thing is how you remove and reinstall the unit and get it sealed back up.  There are tricks to it.

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