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Yes.  The Coinco BA validators are capable of running MDB or their stated voltage.  So, a BA30 can run 110v or MDB and a BA32 can run 24v or MDB.  In either case, you must have the proper MDB harness to connect to the coinco for that to be possible.  So, if you check your Coinco BA30, you'll almost certainly find a harness connected to it that also connects via MDB to the machine harness which is also connected to the coin mech.  That is how you know 100% that everything is MDB and all you have to do is get any MDB validator (with whatever harness it may need) and you are good to go.

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That harness will work with any Coinco MDB validator (some 24v Coincos are not MDB) but if you want another such as a Mars validator then you need a different harness.

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